About me

Urszula Klimczak. This is me.
I am an esports Behavior Analyst and Performance Coach, but also I am a fan of the online gaming myself.
My job is to develop mental skills of the players and bring out their full potential.
In my work, I support both the players and the managers. I equip the players with techniques on how to deal with the pressure they experience to help them reinforce their self-confidence and overcome the stress.
I assist the managers in terms of the efficient team management. I coach them how to work with the players on a daily basis and how to motivate them in order to achieve peak performance.

How it started?

Esports is my passion since I can remember. I have started my adventure with esport few years ago, while watching the very first League of Legends championships. Back then I also used to play a bit of LoL. Thus, knowing the enviornment well made me wonder how a person like myself can actually assist the players and the managers to make esport a comfortable place to work in. I discovered that there are specific areas I am capable to work in to support teams as a professional performance coach and the esports fan at the same time.
Over the years I have been working with amazing teams, namely: Roccat, Fnatic Gamers Origin and TSM. Watching how the players are growing from game to game is very rewarding for me and makes me work even harder, so they can grow up to their full potential.

Esports Psychology & Business Coaching

This is what I’m most passionate about.
I am able to impact the team results by:

Building healthy team atmosphere

Achieving performance peak

Improving communication

Strengthening motivation

Assessing and evaluating individual skill set

Enhancing the individual and team’s strengths

Focusing on personal development

Managing change

How I work

I typically divide my work into the following phases
  1. Recognition
    Focusing on recognizing the issues and understanding them.
  2. Diagnosing
    Workshops with the managers of the organization, disusing the issues and deciding on the elements to be improved.
  3. Designing
    Personalizing the improvement plan.
  4. Implementing
    Delivering the solutions to the organizational issues by facilitating changes and pointing out the improvement areas.
  5. Evaluating
    Summarizing all actions and the areas that were changed and improved.


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Gamers Origin

Team SoloMid


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